Steph (beststephi) wrote in arlingtonhouse,

Garden/yard work

FYI: Yesterday I planted California poppy seeds in the front yard in a row parallel to the width of the house. I wanted to go the whole length of the garden, but the ivy is pretty think near the walk-way so it's about 3/4. We had those last year in the front garden, the red-pink single flowers on a long stem (I thought they were really pretty and lasted a long time). Just hoping that cat doesn't mess with them.

Also planted some grass seed in the back to patch up the holes. The grass I planted last year didn't seem to take well. I'm thinking it may be due to the limited sun we get back there so this time I bought more hardy grass for that. Should also mow back there (I'd given up trying to weed-whack the yard last year, just too hard to do). Maybe we can get a used (i.e., cheap) mower.

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